Here are some of the portraits I´ve taken of several artists, such as sculptur, actors and musicians.
(Names below)

Zhania Pohn (pianist) Matthias Claudius Aigner (sculptor and painter)  Malcolm Poynter (sculptor, painter, graphic artist) Helena Maria Ellefee (painter and sculptor)

Here are some of my surreal works I´ve created so far
(Titles below)

The fairy tales of Brothers Rudolfo (2016)   How it really works (2015)   The luncheon at the grass (1863)   Binary Jesus (2016)   Milch und Biene (2015)   A bug´s suicide (2015)   Red Riding Hood (2016)   Bauernberg Park Linz (2017)   Raid on the evil Mother in law (2015)

A wild mix of certain genres like portrait, landscapes and street photography